About me

VP External Affairs & Strategy at Ecosphere+

Multiplying positive impact for natural climate change solutions.

I have over 15 years experience in media and communications and have a proven track record in editorial management at the Evening Standard & Independent Group and Sky News, and in communications in-house for The Queen, and Westminster Abbey, as well as a consultant. I am adaptable, straight-forward, enthusiastic, positive, a problem solver, and I love people.

I have extensive experience of managing high-profile media events and news stories in a highly-charged, fast-moving environments, and I thrive under pressure, both independently and as part of a team. I am also skilled in managing complex projects and events that require sound judgement, diplomacy and a thorough knowledge of the media landscape and public affairs.

I am personable, have excellent contacts and have built trusting relationships across the industry. I have lived and worked in six countries on four continents and am adept at embracing new situations and cultures.

These are my (out of date) musings on communications, media and the wider world of work and play, as well as some links to articles I wrote while working as a journalist. I live in and love London and I am also a Trustee of the educational and development charity, Tariro UK.

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